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Impressive innovations by students

Published: 19 December 2016

In Sirius, the project course at MSc in Mechanical Engineering, students once again showed impressive engineering solutions to real problems in companies. For instance a new rear axle for the Scania truck that led to a patent application.

– At the request of Scania, we have developed a hub reduction axle for a heavy duty truck. It can be switched between road and off-road. A timber truck for example, need strength to cope with the terrain in the forest while also be able to go fast on the highway. Scania is very pleased with the results and patent application has been filed, says Jonathan Jönsson, who is studying Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, fifth year.

– We have had close contact with Scania and really got to feel what it would be like to work as an engineer. To follow the entire product development process, from concept to finished product, has been rewarding. The experience to structure and organize your work will be useful in the future, says Henrik Jonsson, also student at MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

New material reduces wear

Another project was about helping LKAB to improve the design of an industrial fan that cools pellets. The result was very successful as LKAB will go ahead with the students' suggestions.

– Iron ore dust present in the flue gas causes excessive wear on the fan, leading to costly downtime equivalent to SEK 17 million in lost revenue per year. We developed two solutions, one of which will be implemented by LKAB next year. It is to replace the fan blades with a material and design that just wears a fifth as much as the current one, says Benjamin Larsson von Schmuck, student at the MSc programme in Mechanical Engineering.

Got to meet experienced engineers

– The best thing with Sirius was that you had to challenge yourself and that I worked in a group of good fellowship, says Sofi Eriksson, student at MSc in Mechanical Engineering. Her group had worked for Volvo Construction Equipment to develop a driveline for a large size wheel loader.

– What has been the most fun is to solve problems. It takes many small solutions for it to become a finished product. It has also been very useful to meet with experienced designers in companies and learn from their knowledge, says Anton Åström, student at MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Structure and planning

Another group had worked for Bosch Rexroth to increase the efficiency of a hydraulic drive system.

– The opportunity to work in a sharp project for a real business has been rewarding. It was fun to apply the knowledge we had while learning new things along the way. One thing I will take with me is the structure and planning of the project, while we also had great fun doing it, says Erik Wikblom, student at the MSc programme in Mechanical Engineering.

Magnus Karlberg, head of Sirius and associate professor at the Department of Product and Production Development, Luleå University of Technology, sums up the course.

– This years' Sirius course has been very successful, students have developed their skills in an excellent manner, and also delivered results that solve current challenges of businesses.