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Work for Volvo, Scania or Atlas copco already during your studies!

Published: 17 November 2021

The education in Luleå gives you opportunities to work at a variety of companies. The program in Luleå is unique because students can choose from projects based on real problems that companies need to solve. The projects often lead to degree projects or employment after the studies.

Both Samuel Hedström and Kalle Rehnström emphasize how rewarding it has been to work in such a realistic project.

- Having a fixed framework and a budget that limits means that you are forced to develop. You have to adjust the project along the journey, compromise and find solutions. Had we had unlimited money, we could of course have made nicer and perhaps better solutions, but now we had a budget to relate to. Just like it is in real life, says Samuel Hedström.

Another instructive thing about the project, according to the group, is that most of the contact has been with the industry rather than supervisors at the university.

- It is a great lesson - that there are experts. Ask questions and leave the work to them instead of, for example, welding yourself, says Samuel Hedström.