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Jens Hardell
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The students choose Jens Hardell as the best teacher of the year

Published: 29 December 2021

Jens Hardell, a teacher of mechanical engineering at Luleå University of Technology, has received two awards for his pedagogical efforts. Prize for best teacher, awarded by the Engineering Student Union, and the university's pedagogical prize.

- It feels really fun! It is a receipt that the my way and the teaching I conduct is appreciated. It's super nice, and getting the students' prize is probably the best prize, says Jens Hardell.

An education that shapes employable engineers
At Luleå University of Technology engineering student’s alternate theory with practical elements where they can apply their knowledge in project-based courses without an answer or conclusion. They are given a task that they must solve based on the knowledge they have. Here, the purpose is for students to get used to working in project form. This is because this is usually how the work is done in the industry, and the students get to realize for themselves what they do not know in such a project, which should create an interest in taking the courses that come afterwards.

- I think that is one of our great strengths. In addition, we have a good program with a high level of both theory and practical elements and I think that also creates a good engineer in the end. We hear from the industry that students from Luleå University of Technology are employable. They have the supplier perspective and having that basic understanding I think is very important, says Jens Hardell.

According to Jens Hardell, the most fun part of teaching is the personal interaction. He has the opportunity to follow the students from their first semester all the way to the degree project five years later.

- At the beginning of the students' journey, they have a very creative view of how to solve problems and it is very inspiring to see how they approach technical problems and how much they develop. During the education, the students are formed and at the end they can perform at a professional level during the degree project. It's awesome to see.

When he is asked what qualities a good teacher should possess, he answers that the most important thing is to be committed and to like your own subject.

- If I show commitment and that this is fun, not just teaching, but that I really think the subject is fun. Then I think it is contagious and inspiring and makes the subject interesting, even if you did not think so when you first started reading the course.

Jens Hardell put special importance to the personal meeting. Each individual should be met in an individual way. As a teacher, it is important to get to know the students and ask questions, adapt and create mutual trust.

- Basically, I usually think about treating everyone as I myself want to be treated. Try to be happy, open and unconditionally meet each individual.

The prices came as a surprise. It is of course great fun to receive an award, but Jens Hardell wants to emphasize that he does not teach to be awarded, but because he likes to teach. For him, the best thing about the job is to meet students and learn from them. He usually points out to the students that you as a teacher constantly learn from them as well.


Jens Hardell

Hardell, Jens - Professor, Head of Division

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