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The road to the dream job can go through practice. During one semester Astrid Enter studying Sustainable Process Engineering got to try on the job as a process engineer in the coking plant.

6 month industrial internship

After three years of studies included a semester-long industrial experience in education. In practice, you get the opportunity to test your knowledge of engineering tasks. For the most part, you get paid during practice and do not need to study.

You can choose to do your internship at a Swedish company or perhaps take the opportunity to go abroad!

The internship gives you an insight into the industry and allows you to see the benefits of the different courses in a completely different way than before actually creating motivation for the final trials. Additionally linked contacts with companies in Sweden and the world for the coming future.

The road to the dream job can go through internship

Published: 16 December 2014

I monitored and optimized processes for benzene production; it makes, among other things, by adjusting temperatures and oil flow.

I have had the opportunity to work independently and planned my own work. It was very stimulating to work with operational staff and other engineers complete different ideas.

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It meant contact with both other locations within SSAB and with external suppliers, it gave me the opportunity to already make contact with future employers.

In the coking plant in Luleå, I received good response from other employees, I quickly came into common neighborhood and has participated in social events such as Christmas dinner, after work and Ironworks Day. SSAB is since many years a mentor to the IMP program and are providing thereby internships to students. About a year and a half I will be ready engineer's dream job is to be a process developer in the coking plant.

The internship is the funniest thing I have done during my training; it has been interesting, instructive and utmannande. In my practice as a process engineer at SSAB Lulea I have put theory to practice. It was fun to avail myself of the courses that I have read during my education; above all, I enjoyed the use of the course "Unit operations".

Text: Astrid Mata
Photo: Viveka Österman