I love to travel!

Name: Elin Tranvik
Hometown: Uppsala
Education: Sustainable Process Engineering

What´s it like studying at Luleå University of Technology?

I'm really happy with my decision to study at university. My education is of high quality and I have mostly good and dedicated teachers. Because we are a small class, we close contact with our teachers and the door to them is always open. This means that it is very easy to get help with assignments. The close relationship with the teachers also means that it is easy to take advantage of their experience and their contacts when it comes to practice, theses, and the like.

What do You think of the city of Luleå?

My original plan was not to study in Luleå, and I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I came here. But the campus is really good - it's close between the housing and the university, close to the grocery store, the fitness center and also close to all the friends who also live on campus. Something that is also good with the student city of Luleå is that it's easy to get involved outside of studies. In section life, which kåraktiv, working at STUK, help younger students with their studies.

What are your future plans after completed studies?

I love to travel! During my studies I have had the opportunity to do an internship in Australia, I want to continue to discover the world and gain experience. But home is still always the best - so probably I want to move back to Sweden eventually. I do not have specific dream job, the important thing is that I get a different job where I get along with my colleagues.

Do you have any advice for future students at LTU?

Get involved outside of your studies! This gives (besides a good resume) very good experience and is developing. Work on study techniques - it always sounds so obvious but unfortunately it is not so. Take the opportunity to go abroad during your studies.

Read more about Elin (Swedish PDF)

[http://www.ltu.se /cms_fs/1.78046!/file/Elin-Tranvik-Stipendium-Mentor.pdf]

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