Lecture on women in mining

Within Sweden's mining industry, 16% of women work with the labor force and 29% of women are in the field of civil servants. Today there are 16 metal-produced mines in the country.

Emma Härdmark, Svemin, opened this lecture with some hard facts about an industry still dragged with prejudice and a picture of an old-fashioned industry.

"All our meetings start with instructions on where emergency exits and fire hoses are located, where our collection site is located. The security field is enormous in the mining industry. This also applies if the meeting is held in a conference room in Stockholm," says Emma Härdmark.

Hanna Falksund, LKAB, told about his ten years in the industry and how the diversity of 26 nationalities makes the work at LKAB pleasant.

Alexandra Voronchikhina, Boliden, told about her journey from the university in Murmansk, Russia, through Russian and Norwegian mining companies to her job at Boliden where she works today.

"The difference in culture and conditions is very big between Russia and Sweden," says Alexandra Voronchikhina, who travels across the world.

Hanna Falksund, research engineer in mining engineering at LKAB in Malmberget, Alexandra Voronchikhina, mining engineer at Boliden and Emma Härdmark, communications manager at Svemin mining industry organization - lectured on theis experiences in the mining industry.

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