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Photo: Simon Eliasson
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Ores and Minerals - A specialization within the Master of Natural Resources Engineering

You become an expert on methods of finding and extracting valuable ores and minerals. Finding an ore requires a lot of geoscientific detective work.

Pictures from ecology studies in Abisko

Products created from ore and minerals needed everywhere in society. You can, for example, work with development and problem solving in the exploration, mining and minerals industry or as a specialist in earth sciences. Working with exploration often means stay outdoors in places you otherwise would rarely visit.

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Virtual Reality Lab - Lulea University of Technology Photo: Gustav Jansson
Virtual Reality Lab

Used in areas such as in construction, architecture, ore geology, mining and rock engineering.

Acknowledged degree project in applied geochemistry

In a circular society that strives to close the cycle of resources, usage of rest material from one operation area to another plays a natural role. In operations connected to roadworks geological material are mainly handled.