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Environment & Water

Environment and Water - A specialization within the Master of Natural Resources Engineering

You gain in-depth knowledge of how pollutants in soil and water are spread, investigated and remedied. You learn ecological connections and how society's water supply and waste management works and can be developed.

One day you collect information out in nature or society, to the next day process and evaluate this data. You can, for example, work with water supply, environmental control, land issues or solving waste problems.

Photo: Jasmine Andersson
Olivkärnor och sand ska ersätta miljöskadlig granulat på fotbollsplaner i Luleå
In the media: Olive kernels and sand will replace environmentally harmful granules on football turfs

In addition to the municipality and the two municipally owned companies Lumire and Lulebo, Luleå University of Technology is also involved in the project.

Photo: Privat
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About climate change, environmental impact from industries and the spread of pollutants.

Acknowledged degree project in applied geochemistry

In a circular society that strives to close the cycle of resources, usage of rest material from one operation area to another plays a natural role. In operations connected to roadworks geological material are mainly handled.