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Miljö och Vatten - En inrikting inom Naturresursteknik

Environment and Water - A specialization within the Master of Natural Resources Engineering

With a Master in Natural Resources Engineering, focusing on Environment and Water, you have a skill that is useful throughout the world.

Photo: Jasmine Andersson

You get deep knowledge on how contaminants in soil and water spread, investigated and addressed. You will learn ecological concepts and how society's water and waste management works and can be developed.

Master's thesis published on water supply in the archipelago

Ronja Eränen 2019  Photo: Privat

Micro litter in urban environment: Analysis of anthropogenic particles accumulated in snow

Photo: Privat

Swedish Water Award for best master's thesis

Emelie Hedlund Nilsson

Flood modelling tools for dense urban areas

Johanna Eriksson

Degradation of macroplastics to microplastics upon exposure to sunlight

Jonathan Svedin

Sustainable supply of drinking water

Sustainable supply of drinking water - Luleå University of Technology 2016 Photo: R Renberg

Pictures of ecology studies in Abisko

Photo: Jasmine Andersson

Swedish Water's Award for best thesis to LTU-student