Patrik-Patricio Azócar Nordeman, 31 years. Born in Gothenburg but moved to Luleå in 1998. Stydying his fourth year of MSc engineering design, product design direction.

Let the lines tell the story

Published: 15 November 2013

Patrik-Patricio Azócar Nordeman is constantly thinking about design. For example, what is the powder coated steel tin coat rack next to us trying to convey? Has the designers ideas and thoughts, the message of the design, successfully translated to the consumer?

– Take the feet as an example. Then ends of the steel rods are rounded prior to coating for a floating impression. This however makes the manufacturing process more complicated compared to an abrupt, more down-to-earth rod end. Says Patrik-Patricio Azocar Nordeman. Industrial design student at Luleå tekniska universitet.

To express oneself with design and visuals has always been a fundematal interest to Patrik. The design studies at Luleå Univeristy of Technology has developed him in many ways.

– It sounds weird but when I focus on a particular area of interest it openes up a new world with brand new things to learn. A good communicator delivers the message as straight forward as possible. The person who can delivers the message with the least amount of words is the best speaker. The same goes for design.

The Industrial Design programme has an excellent reputation

Patrik is very happy with the Industrial Design programme and the appreciation for the field of study grows with every semester. Mathematical courses, which were at the focus at the beginning of the programme, has been replaced by industry specific project work.

What courses are you taking at the moment?

– At the moment Im taking a design course where we are taught how to interpret patterns and shapes in communication purposes. One exercise involves putting three shapes together into a still life which are equally interesting to observe from all angles. These shapes will work as a base for developing a new product. Im working on a lamp project of witch I'm not particularly proud, but practice makes perfect.

The industrial design programme at LTU is well known and has a excellent reputation according to Patrik. There is a very good relationships between the university and the commercial and industrial life.

- Companies like us because we are perceived as down to earth and autonomous.

Similar university programmes are only available at a few other universities in Sweden. In Patrik's class several students had LTU as their number one choice when applying for universities. Alot of hard work had earned them acceptance to the indsutrial design programme.

- We have a very close relationship with the faculty who has an outstanding competence and availability. Some are great designers while others are great educators.

Tries his ideas on his dog Billy

In his personal life Patrik puts alot of time and effort on design and invention. One of his most satisfied clients is his chihuahua Billy. Patrik has designed a ramp with a light switch specifically

for Billy to use to get into his bed. Billy has learned to activate a motion sensor light switch on the floor which turns on the light making it possible for him to climb up on the ramp without a struggle.

- The most important thing concerning design is functionality. When the functionality has been determined the challenge to make the design easy to use aesthetically pleasing starts. I design alot of products for my dog Billy. The fun part is to analyse how he interacts with his environment. If you can make a dog understand your design I am pretty sure a human being will understand it as well.