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New ore wagon top-covers designed by students

Published: 17 June 2015

Because of ore dust and precipitation Kiruna Wagon have chosen to develop top-covers for their ore-wagons. Since January, Malin Hägg and Lotta Silfver, who studies the final year at the MSc program in Industrial Design Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, has designed two top-cover prototypes as a part of their thesis.

- We have provided Kiruna Wagon with two prototypes that they can develop into top covers. We have primarily focused on the opening and closing function, how it should be designed, where it should be located and how it can operate and it's what we hand over, says Malin and Lotta. Prototype one shows a soft top that is rolled in and out to open and close while the second prototype consists of a steel roof that opens and closes in the middle of the roof by manual action.

Covering a future need

When handling freight of dangerous goods there has for a long time been a prohibition against driving with open wagons because of the dust-risk and that regulation is now being applied on other train freights that spreads dust. In some countries,because of this problem, driving with open wagon already is forbidden. Kiruna Wagon wants to export their products and as a result of that top covers has become an important part of their product development and something they see as vital to be able to participate and compete in the market in the future.

- We are very pleased with the two prototypes that were presented and we now intends to furtherly develop one of them to a top cover as soon as an order has been made. The students' work has in addition to the actual prototypes also given us important skills when it comes to how to work on developing new models and also how the product development process can be Lean adjusted, says Fredrik Kangas, CEO of Kiruna Wagon.