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Vanliga frågor och våra svar

Frequently asked questions and our answers

Published: 13 April 2021

Can you choose different specializations within the program?

Yes, four different specializations are offered. Construction and rock construction as well as building construction and fire. You choose a specialization after the fifth semester.

What does the contact between teachers and students look like?

The teachers are helpful and easy to contact. If you have any questions, you can tap a teacher's office, otherwise you can reach them by phone or e-mail.

What does a class in road and water construction look like?

There are generally about 40-50 students in a class. The students come from all over Sweden.

How do I travel from Luleå to my hometown?

There are direct buses to the airport from the university area. From Luleå Airport there are direct flights to Stockholm and Gothenburg, and the rest of Sweden with a stopover at Arlanda. Most airlines offer favorable student prices.

Is there any possibility to go on travels?

Yes, in road and water construction there is a very strong tradition of the graduating class going on a degree trip, usually outside Europe for three weeks. The students themselves start an association within the framework of the course building abroad, and collect funds for the trip in various ways. Read more at .

Do you have admission in both the autumn and spring semesters?

No, we only assume in the autumn term.

Where can I work after graduation?

As a civil engineer in The Master Programme in Civil Engineering, you have great freedom of choice when it comes to work tasks. You can make a career as a project manager, production manager, foreman, designer or researcher. The jobs are available from construction contractors, consultants, municipalities, authorities, mining industries and universities, in Sweden or abroad.