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Fredrik Nordin, Bygg och anläggning
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Fredrik Nordin, technical sales

Published: 5 November 2013

Fredrik Nordin
Age: 26
Lives: Sundsvall
Occupation: Technical Sales
Education: Higher Education Diploma Programme in Works Management in Civil Engineering

What was it like studying at Luleå University of Technology?

It was generally very good, everything you could ask for was available - great facilities, good teachers, great atmosphere. However, we were quite few in the class, which contributed to the rarely organized class activities, but in the end it was perhaps good for the studies (laughs). I also like the Luleå city: the people, the beautiful surroundings and of course Lulea Hockey.

What Programme did you Study?

Construction and Civil Engineering with emphasis on measurement. The studies began with "Basic course in project and industrial economics", which became a real shock start but after completing the exam was to "find its feet" and ready for new challenges. Something that I really think is worth highlighting is the width of the training, I still have great use of several elements. Many of the courses we read in conjunction with the engineers which was intriguing because they wanted to show that it was at least as good as them. We also made an interesting field trip to the giant Aitik mine in the course Geotechnology.

Do you have a job you enjoy?

I work now with the sales of GNSS equipment and total stations at Scanlaser / Leica Geosystems, both part of the worldwide Hexagon Group. My main work includes most of Norrland but there will also be many trips to other parts of Sweden, primarily in Stockholm, at trade shows and meetings. Thanks to the global network of Hexagon so also has the potential to go on several trips abroad each year. To give some examples, I have been to Germany and visited Intergeo (the world's leading conference / exhibition for surveying) and participated in product training with Leica Geosystems in both England and Norway. Previously I worked as a Technical Support Scanlaser and measurement consultants on Picab.

Do you have any advice for future students?

You just have to fix permissions and apply. You will not regret it.