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Bergsskolan has a strong brand, It's not noticeable at least at the Annual Labour Days

Published: 21 March 2016

HR Resource is a consulting company that contributes to employment in large and small industrial enterprises, with Värmland strong domestic market, but with clients across the country.

How does the recruitment needs of the industry in a few years?

Basic industries, but also all other activities in business efficiency, improves and reinforces the increasing number of employees with advanced training.

... More and more service companies, with the industry as customers are also looking for qualified employees ...

... With a solid technical education, there are good opportunities to enter also in sales and purchasing functions ...

What advice would you give to those who will choose the focus of their future education?

Start with something. It is the most important. Be curious even in areas that seem dry and strange. I have met so many young and old through the years who have worked on the studies and all of a sudden, something extra, extra fun. Once you have started so the two-3-4 years of study to pass very quickly and be the best you've done. I promise. All that made the "trip" does not regret his choice.

As a former adviser, I would still give the Council to also look at the prospects / future career opportunities within or industries that offer jobs that look interesting. If you can be bothered, and so spice a good basic education in economics and management. Personnel technology and economics always belong together. Whether you are a technician or manager. Education pays off even in the pay packet.

What kind of reputation Bergsskolan out in the industry?

I have been involved in hiring of a large number Bergsskolan Engineers. For our part, it is primarily focused on the steel and engineering industry in Värmland and Bergslagen. With an education from Bergsskolan, employers are confident that they employ a well-trained and knowledgeable person.

Bergsskolan has a strong brand. It's not noticeable at least at the annual Labour days when school is filled with representatives from almost all the major steel, mining and construction companies.

What is your advice to our students already studying at Bergsskolan?

Make sure to take your exam. More and more companies, especially those who have foreign shareholders, require that you have a diploma.

Get in touch with the companies, show interest and be prepared to take some simple tasks to get a foothold and be able to prove themselves seriously ... it's not so easy for the younger students to be able to show a complete exam and at the same time 5 - 10 years of experience ...

Select the thesis smart! It may be your first employer when you are finished with their studies.