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"I can combine studies with fantastic training opportunities all year round"

Published: 21 March 2016

Name: Markus Keränen
Age: 29 years
Hometown: Alfta, Hälsingland
Programme: Higher Education Diploma Programme in Mining and Geotechnical Industry

Why did you choose to study Higher Education Diploma Programme in Mining and Geotechnical Industry?

–   I had the knowledge needed and wanted to try to study and broaden my knowledge. Technician training suited me perfectly as it is only two years and gives me a good foundation to build on progress in their careers.

What are your plans after studying?

–   After graduation, I thought to start looking for work, preferably within the I trained myself to. Building and construction is very hot right now so I will probably find myself to companies active in the industry.

Do you have any tips for future students at Bergsskolan?

–   For those who are interested in sports there are fantastic training facilities in Filipstad. For my own part, I go skiing and roller skiing on Kalhyttans sovereign fine year-round facility. A state of the art artificial snow ensures skiing tracks during a long training period and during the snow-free season I train on roller skis paved road course on just over three kilometers.

–   Imagine being able to get training tips by Lars-Göran Pettersson, who was coach of the legendary ski team with Gunde Svahn, Thomas Wassberg and Torgny Mogren as contemporary giants. Lars-Göran - who has led the development of Kalhyttan one of Sweden's finest training facilities for cross-country skiing - are happy to share their knowledge and experiences.

–   Whatever your interests you have, there are good prospects. I'm generally interested in sports and recreation, and then fit Kalhyttan perfectly with its ski trails in winter and roller-skating rink in the summer. Kalhyttan also offer grim paths and marked trails for mountain biking and running.