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Martin Sundvall, geotekniker och uppdragsledare
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Martin Sundevall, geotechnical engineers and project managers

Published: 25 September 2013

Name: Martin Sundevall
Age: 34
Lives: Luleå
Occupation: Geotechnical engineer / project manager
Education: Master Programme in Civil Engineering

What is the job market like right now?

Job market in civil engineering technology is brilliant. It carried many large investments in infrastructure across the country. Although large cities are the most expansive areas where the greatest (?) Efforts made so there is also a good market locally. Perhaps the very best of these "local" markets are Norrbotten where it's incredibly much right now! The mining industry expands and gives waves in the form of new infrastructure needs to. New routes, new railways and of course buildings within the industry itself. But even adaptations to existing mine (relocation of Kiruna, for example) and facilities (upgrades of old railways and roads, expansion of rail yards, talk of double track between Kiruna and Narvik, etc.). Luleå expand and increase in population, new residential construction, sewage pipe network is expanded. But it may also companies that look in our direction. New investments and businesses who want to come to Dubai means more construction and planning of areas. There is just booming right now and there are jobs for most players. Many new players such as among consultants popping up in town and trying to establish themselves. Everyone wants to be here now, it's really hot!

What do you think about the future 5-10 years ahead?

Sundvall Martin Geotekniker.jpg
Martin Sundevall, geotechnical engineers and project manager

What happens in 10 years is difficult to predict, but if the industry press even more in the matter of the norrbottniabanan maybe it takes a few steps forward. If this happens, all who want jobs in our region for a long time to come. The normal turnover through retirements require naturally also a measure of recruitment. Right now, I feel that it comes out a lot of new and companies are hiring. It is clear that this need may be satisfied in the long run (?) But continues ore fields to develop and Lulea growing need for many skilled engineers.

Do You have some advice for our new students?

Read the courses you are interested about it and enjoy doing, they tend to get the best results then! One need not slavishly follow a predetermined program, although it can also be good.

But above all, have fun, enjoy their studies and get involved in activities outside the classroom! Build networks! There you will have the benefit and enjoyment of the rest of your life, both in the form of friends to visit different places in the world and especially in your professional life.