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"Like the day of a dream"

Published: 25 May 2018

For the fifth consecutive year, the Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics had gathered all of the spring's theses presentations at the same day. This year, over 60 degree projects were presented in various technical areas, most of which were conducted in the form of sharp projects at the companies.

– It's a great initiative by the Department to gather all theses presentations on the same day. It's fun to see that you are part of a broader context and you can share the joy with your friends who also present their exams, says Kristina Sandström, who takes a degree at the Master Programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

When Kristina Sandström summarizes her time at university, she thinks that the five-year education was a tough challenge.

– Reading at the MSc Programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering has been tough and sometimes I've wondered what I've gotten into. The first years with basic courses could be really challenging but after year three when I could choose courses after interest, the studies became more fun and my motivation increased.

Also Khalid Mouane presented his thesis on this day, he had read the Master Programme in Materials Engineering.

– This university and the kind and friendly people I met here have made my study time amazing and I have enjoyed every minute. The presentation day was like the day of a dream – mission accomplished, says Khalid Mouane.