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Meet a teacher – Kim Berglund

Hi there, who are you?

– My name is Kim Berglund and I work with both teaching and research at Luleå University of Technology. In addition, I have overall responsibility for the Bachelor in Automotive Engineering as an educational leader.

In what courses students meet you?

– Mostly in the courses Car's Systems 1 and Project Course B.

How are you as a teacher?

– I'm trying to create an engaging and creative environment where students themselves take the initiative for their own learning.

What is the best thing about being a teacher?

– To watch students develop.

What do you want the students to get to from your courses?

– Of course I want them to have a deeper understanding of how the car and its mechanical systems work. I also want them to learn for life. That you can independently take on new knowledge throughout life. Society and technology around us is constantly evolving, and also I have a lot to learn.

Why do you think you should read the Bachelor Automotive Engineering?

– It is a fun and educational programme, which paves the way for a fun and engaging work later in life.

Is Automotive Engineering a demanding education?

– We like to give our students real challenges during the education, it is my experience that it stimulates development and it is a very nice feeling when you can handle the task.

Are companies involved in the program?

– Yes, we have a lot of projects in the education courses where companies participate. To become a good engineer you have to practice and learn to use the knowledge gained in other courses. The results are in many cases furthermore possible to use directly at the companies involved.

How would you describe the study environment for Automotive Engineering?

– The University strives to achieve the best possible learning environment for all programs. For Automotive Engineering, this means traditional classrooms, computer rooms, project rooms, laboratories and workshops. Connection between theory and practice is a very important part of the program and everything that the students develop and manufacture must first be modeled and analyzed in computers. To support this process, both courses are well integrated with each other, and are computer rooms, project rooms, assembly room and workshop premises positioned directly adjacent to each other.

Any tips for anyone considering the Bachelor in Automotive Engineering?

– As an engineer in Automotive Engineering you get a broad expertise in a variety of areas such as advanced testing of mechanical and mechatronic systems, vehicle dynamics and control technology. Sweden has a strong automotive industry with both vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and component manufacturers who require this type of expertise. The breadth of the programme means that engineers in Automotive Engineering is competent for tasks outside the automotive industry, for example when skills and knowledge in advanced testing is highly sought after.

What do you any free time?

– I spend a happy time on a motor vehicle of any kind snowmobile, motorcycle or tractor. Sports is another interest, and I am also active as a football coach for my daughter. Otherwise, I spend my time any time with the family.