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Jonas Roininen, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson
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Allergy game takes student to game fair

Published: 24 May 2018

Computer Science and Engineering student Jonas Roininen's interest in programming and computer games has taken him to the world's largest game fair, Gamescom. – It is a great opportunity, says Jonas Roininen.

Jonas Roininen is a student at the Bachelor Programme in Computer Science and Engineering and recently started a game studio together with a friend. Through a competition organized by Arctic Game Lab, they won a spot and opportunity to appear in one of the world's largest gaming fair, Gamescom. Last year, the fair had 350,000 visitors.

– Hopefully, we'll find a company that wants to publish our game and of course we hope to be able to create a fan base.

Games about allergies

The game they have created, Hayfever, is still just a prototype but will hopefully be released in full version 2019.

– We try to focus on unusual ideas, says Jonas Roininen, and explains what the game is about:

– You are a postman who picks up letters. In the game you have an allergy, such as pollen allergy, and therefore pick up pollen in different ways. By using your pollen, you can sneeze and get yourself over obstacles.

For Jonas Roininen game development is a way of expressing himself.

– I like music, drawing, animating and writing books. Game development is all that in one. The good thing about programming is that what you write comes alive.

In what way has your education helped you with the game development?

I have, for example, benefited from my knowledge of database technology. And when we learned network programming, we actually made games. Of course, all courses in programming have also been very rewarding.

The University supported the development
The innovation system at Luleå University of Technology has also supported Jonas in the planning and implementation of the trip to maximize the business benefit. LTU Business has acted as a advicer and given legal advice on corporate forms, partially funded the prototype that was shown and covered travel and accommodation costs.
Jonas is a driven entrepreneur with clear goals. We saw the fair as an excellent opportunity to verify the market for end users and roads to the market through publishers, said Emil Svanberg, Innovation Manager at LTU Business.