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Photo: Lars Andersson
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"Game programming – the world's coolest thing"

Sandra Andersson is a student at the Bachelor Programme in Computer Game Programming at Luleå University of Technology.

Hi Sandra, who are you?

– My name is Sandra Andersson and I come from Sundsvall. In my spare time I usually play various games, play the violin or playing adventurous with my cat.

Why are you studying Computer Game Programming?

– I have always had a great interest in games and started to think about what I wanted to focus on already in primary school. After some research I came to the conclusion that I wanted to work in the area of game development, specifically with game programming, because that means you have to do a lot of math and problem solving.

What is the most fun about your education?

– What makes it extra fun is that we often get to work in projects. In some of the projects we have almost completely free hands and to see one's game go from idea to design and prototype and finally to a fully developed game is really awesome.

What is the most challenging?

– To keep up with the typical university pace can be very strenuous. It can be difficult to keep up with all tasks at the same time as you try to grow and develop as a programmer and write really good and effective code, not just a functioning one.

How is it to study at Luleå University of Technology?

– It's really fun! There are many good and committed teachers at the school and good equipment that helps us to develop and learn. It is also nice with a smaller campus like here in Skellefteå, you get to know many students from other programmes as well.

What do the students do after school, what is the student life like?

– Student life here is wonderful! Every week there are a lot of activities, for example board games evenings, movie evenings, and even computer gaming evenings. We also have our own student pub, Traversen, which is open several nights a week and they arrange various activities such as theme dinners over the year.

What do you want to work with after you graduate?

– My dream is to get a job at a large gaming company that focuses a lot on the story in their games. Such games have inspired and helped me through a lot in my life. If I could work on games like that, that can give as much to someone else as they did for me, would be the dream.

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to study Computer Game Programming?

– Do some research about what it is like to work as a game programmer. If it still seems like the world's coolest thing – and it is – do not hesitate to apply! Be prepared for advanced and tough courses and a high tempo, but also many fun and interesting days with new friends.