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Skellefteå Kraft helps power technology research

Published: 4 March 2013

Skellefteå Kraft is providing support to the national research program Elektra at Elforsk to contribute to the transformation of the energy system towards sustainability, contributing to fewer power outages and make electric mains and energy use more effective.

- Skellefteå Kraft is actively contributing to the Swedish energy change in a sustainable direction and getting even more secure energy supplies for our customers. This effort will also increase the ability of researchers at LTU power group at Campus Skellefteå to seek research funding from Elektra, says Lars-Olof Martinsson at Skellefteå Kraft.

The program covers a total of 80 millionSEK for the next four years, of which Energimyndighetens support is 32 million SEK.