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3D printer
The 3D printer can print complex models in color. Joseph Forslund shows a test print. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

LTU upgrades 3D printer

Published: 14 September 2012

On Wednesday a brand new 3D printer was installed at LTU - an investment of SEK 500 000 which has the latest technology. Unlike its predecessor, it can print larger models in color that is stronger and more durable than before.

–  The 3D printer prints glue on thin layers of plaster. It manufactures one centimeter per hour. The technique is based on the inkjet principle, explains Josef Forslund, teacher in technical design.

The equipment is very helpful during the design process. The 3D printer will be used in the programmes, for example in the course advanced model building. The technology is also used in product design in work life.

– It's about going from a 2D sketch to a CAD drawing, and finally to a 3D model. The 3D model helps the designer to get a feeling for the size, shape and color, says Josef Forslund.