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Hållbar mineral - GB ENG

The global goals

To meet the future challenges, we should act to ensure a sustainable, resource efficient and environmentally friendly processes throughout the entire value chain of minerals and metals.

The Mineral resource Engineering is a multidisciplinary program that will enable you to understand the earth system and the minerals and metals value chain. You will be able to contribute to a sustainable use of minerals resources and to act in a global digitalized world. The program covers the entire value chain including exploration, mining, extraction, refining and recycling while emphasizing the environmental, social and economic aspects. The program aims at educating you the knowledge and skills you need to be able to contribute to the green transition and the subsequent increased demand for metals. The program will have the system approach and create understanding of the sustainable value chain.

You will learn how different segments interact, how they affect the environment, how they correlate with economical, societal and legislative aspects. How circular materials streams can be created and how that affects the system, bi-products and waste as well as implications of electrification and fossil free processing.

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