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Become part of a world-leading transformation as the iron and steel industry grows

Published: 30 March 2022

Do you want to be involved and contribute to a sustainable future? The Swedish iron and steel industry is undergoing a historic transformation where people are switching to fossil-free technologies at record speed. The biggest challenge? Find more people who want to join and contribute.

"The world's eyes are currently facing Sweden and what we do inspires others. We are the first in the world to do what has been seen as almost impossible, to restructure an industry that has traditionally accounted for extensive emissions. If you work in the steel industry today, you are involved and make a real difference", says Lotta Sörlin, research coordinator at Jernkontoret.

The restructuring work has put the iron and steel industry on the map as an industry of the future, but also poses challenges. Above all, many new creative employees are required who have the required skills, both engineers and professionally trained people with material and process technical knowledge.

"I think many people do not know that the steel industry exists, at least not how big it is and that it is growing. The skills we need are, for example, creative engineers who can be at the forefront of high-tech and develop new materials and innovative technologies, including with the help of AI. Many appreciate that the studies are interdisciplinary and in addition the steel industry offers an international labor market", says Lotta Sörlin.

Knowledge of materials is a prerequisite for solving challenges in, for example, the environment and climate area. Steel products are found in everything from electric car batteries to wind turbines. Do you want to be part of the adjustment work? Welcome to our industry!