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Compulsory courses
Master Programme in Computer Science and Engineering - specialization in Distributed Cloud Systems

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Programme content and structure

The requierments for a Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering, specialization in Distributed Cloud Systems (120 ECTS), comprise of: a Master thesis of 30 ECTS, two smaller projects of 15 ECTS each, and 60 ECTS of Computer Science and Engineering coursework at the advanced level. The program's goal is to provide in depth knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in distributed cloud systems. Application areas for these techniques can, e.g. be backend game programming, cloud based computation, pervasive computing/Internet of Things and scalable/distributed systems. The coursework primarily consists of advanced courses related to key research areas. The first year is mainly based on course work combined with a specialization project carried out during the second semester.  The second year is dominated by a development project as well as a larger thesis work, complemented with two taught courses. The projects and thesis work are often carried out in cooperation with hi-tech ICT industry. Teaching may be conducted from and towards several campus locations. For admission to the degree project course entry requirements specified in the Course Syllabus must be completed. Information regarding the application- and admission process is given and ensured by the responsible department. Swedish for beginners is offered to overseas students. The course is not included in the degree, and is read in addition to the obligatory courses


The programme consists of 120 Credits


Entry requirements

Bachelor's degree of at least 180 ECTS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical/ Electronics Engineering or Information Technology or a closely related area. At least 22,5 ECTS mathematics and 15 ECTS programming at the university level has to be achieved. Knowledge of computer networking and operating systems is recommended.

Documented skills in English language.

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The selection is based on 30-285 credits

Compulsory courses

Compulsory courses: 120 Credits

Code Course Cr Level Comment
D7001D Network programming and distributed applications 7,5 Second level
D7002D Mobile networks and protocols 7,5 Second level
D7024E Mobile and distributed computing systems 7,5 Second level
D7030E Advanced wireless networks 7,5 Second level
D7032E Software engineering 7,5 Second level
M7019E Mobile applications 7,5 Second level
M7023E Internet of Things 7,5 Second level
M7024E Cloud services 7,5 Second level
M7025E Project in distributed cloud systems 15,0 Second level
M7026E Project in distributed cloud systems 2 15,0 Second level
X7003E Master Thesis in Computer Science and Engineering, MSc in Technology 30,0 Second level

Course offered outside the obligatory courses - not compulsory - For non Scandinavian students

Code Course Cr Level Comment
S0046P Swedish for International Students 1 3,0 First level Selectable