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Baptiste Louis, Luleå University of Technology
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"Earth challenges concern everyone"

Published: 17 September 2015

Baptiste Louis is an alumnus from the PERCCOM programme, currently recovering from a knee surgery and looking for a job in Turin, Italy.

Why did you chose the Master program PERCCOM?

– After 2 years at university, I got my Technical Diploma in ICT(Information and Communication Technology) but I wanted to follow-up to enrich my knowledge with something new. After a year in System Engineering (bachelor), I had the opportunity to be introduced to PERCCOM, a master linking ICT with sustainability. That was perfect. Additionally, this program proposed an international adventure with great partnerships both in educational and professional fields.

Looking back at PERCCOM, what was the most important thing you learned?

– I learned a lot of things through PERCCOM, about ICT, about societies, about development, about me. This might appear on the surface to be a very straightforward thought, but it is probably the most important thing I learned: PERCCOM make me understand how multicultural the world is, how divers are our ideas, our knowledge, our way of living. At the same time, PERCCOM make me clearly understand that nature is not divided into countries, there are no boundaries, and Earth challenges concern everyone. The now well-known “Global Warming” is only one consequence of a multitude of factors, for most of which we are responsible and we can do something to stop their negative effects.

How did you experience the semester at Luleå University of Technology?

– I remember of a warm welcome when I arrived to Luleå, both speaking about people and weather. Such an exciting thing to study in such university, 500 meters from Facebook datacentre, on a real campus, 24 hour open, restaurants and gym easily accessible, a big library with IT rooms and a good transportation system to the city. I have to admit that even during dark and cold winter, it was enjoyable to come to Lulea University, even more under a Norden Light.