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Ngo Manh Khoi, Luleå University of Technology

"This topic is really intriguing"

Published: 17 September 2015

Ngo Manh Khoi is a PhD student at Universitat Jaume I in Spain.

What is the area of research for your PhD?

– My PhD program is part of the Geo-C program, which is funded by the European Commission within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, International Training Networks (ITN), European Joint Doctorates (EJD). My topic is about developing a participatory sensing framework for a future Smart City.

What is the best thing about your job?

– That I can continue to do research in the field of mobile & cloud computing and Smart City applications. I have gained a big amount of knowledge and expertise during the time I worked for my M.Sc thesis at Luleå University of Technology. I am very eager to conduct more research and produce some concrete products or prototypes in support of a future Smart City, which is a reality in the near future.

Why did you chose the Master program PERCCOM?

– I chose it at first sight. It is the first international M.Sc program that combines advanced ICT and sustainable development. This topic is really intriguing and will bring about many positive changes towards the society and the surrounding environment.

Looking back at PERCCOM, what was the most important thing you learned?

– The way to solve a problem. It is crucial to take into account all the aspects surrounding that particular problem. For example, my PERCCOM colleagues and I know how to take into account the ecology, the economy and the ethics when dealing with a sustainability issue.

How did you experience the semester at Luleå University of Technology?

– Simply excellent. I had a chance to study in a nice campus with very friendly and enthusiastic lecturers. The university infrastructure is very modern. I enjoyed all the lectures and seminars. For my M.Sc thesis, I spent six months in Skellefteå with my supervisors. Apart from the academic work, they have given me a unique cultural experience with the cross-country skiing day, and many interesting talks and stories. All in all, I enjoyed every single day at Luleå University of Technolgy.