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Compulsory courses
Master Programme in Minerals and Metallurgical Engineering

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Programme content and structure

For a Master's degree in chemical engineering, focusing mineral engineering and process metallurgy (120 ECTS), at least 75 ECTS of the compulsory chemical engineering courses are required to be at the advanced level including a thesis of 30 ECTS in the main field. Of the 30 ECTS of elective courses, at least 15 ECTS are required at advanced level.

Swedish for beginners is offered to overseas students. The course is not included in the degree, and is read in addition to the obligatory courses


The programme consists of 120 Credits


Entry requirements

Bachelors degree of minimum 180 ECTS with at least 60 ECTS in the area of chemistry, chemistry engineering, rock- and mineral technology, material engineering or metallurgy. At least 22,5 ECTS in Mathematics at university level and basic courses in chemistry, minerals engineering and process metallurgy is required.

Documented skills in English language.

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The selection procedure is based on academic qualifications, quality and quantity aspects

Compulsory courses

Compulsory courses: 60 Credits

Code Course Cr Level Comment
L7025K Environmental sampling and evaluation 7,5 Second level
M7001K Simulation of Mineral Processing 7,5 Second level
M7003K Mineral Processing 7,5 Second level
P7005K Hydrometallurgy 7,5 Second level
P7006K High Temperature Materials 7,5 Second level
P7010K Process Metallurgy 15,0 Second level
T7011B Mining Economy and Risk Evaluation 7,5 Second level

Compulsory courses: 30 Credits

Code Course Cr Level Comment
X7009K Degree Project in Chemical Engineering, specialization in Minerals and Metallurgical Engineering, master 30,0 Second level

Compulsory courses: 30 Credits

Optional space is 30 credits. It is mandatory to select elective courses up to the given number of credits. The given number of credits of elective courses listed must be met for degree.

Code Course Cr Level Comment
A7001B Landfill Technology 7,5 Second level Selectable
A7006B Risk Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Land 7,5 Second level Selectable
L7016K Mine Waste 7,5 Second level Selectable
L7021K Freshwater Geochemistry 7,5 Second level Selectable
M7005K Senior Design Project in Mineral Processing 7,5 Second level Selectable
M7007K Process mineralogy 7,5 Second level Selectable
O7007K Exploration and Environmental Geophysics 7,5 Second level Selectable
O7018K Exploration 7,5 Second level Selectable
O7019K Petrology and regional geology 7,5 Second level Selectable
O7021K GIS in Geoscience 7,5 Second level Selectable
P7007K Senior Design Project in Processmetallurgy 7,5 Second level Selectable
P7009K Design for Sustainable Processing 7,5 Second level Selectable
T0004T Material Science and Engineering I 7,5 First level Selectable
T7001B Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics 7,5 Second level Selectable
T7002T Materials Modeling 7,5 Second level Selectable
T7003T Advanced Materials Characterisation Techniques 7,5 Second level Selectable
T7004T Surface Engineering 7,5 Second level Selectable
T7008T Phase Transformations 7,5 Second level Selectable
T7012T Composite Materials 7,5 Second level Selectable

Course offered outside the obligatory courses - not compulsory - For non Scandinavian students

Code Course Cr Level Comment
S0046P Swedish for International Students 1 3,0 First level Selectable