The Environmental Laboratory at Luleå University of Technology

In lab and field

The environmental lab is well-equipped for environmental research and provides researchers with the ability to perform both experiments and analyzes. The equipment base includes ICP-OES for measurement of elemental concentrations in solutions, TOC for total and organic carbon in solvents and solid phase, spectrophotometers for analysis of sulfates, phosphates, nitrates and chlorides, portable XRF for soil screening and sampling, gas chromatograph for measurement of light gases, all necessary equipment for performing leaching tests, as well as chemical extractions (eg shaking tables, microwave digestion systems, automatic titrators, centrifuges, ovens, sieves, pumps, pH, EC, Eh electrodes, etc. ) and luminometers and microscopes for microbiological surveys. Perkolation tests, for example, can be carried out in scale up to 100 kg.  There is also a small teaching lab with basic equipment for easier experiments. The experimental hall allows for up to 10 meters of high test structures. A trawler with a capacity of 5 tons is installed.

Research and teaching

  • In environmental and waste engineering (often high content pollutants)
  • Controlled experiments at different scales (from mg to ton)
  • Research in collaboration with companies and other research units internally and externally
Desiree Nordmark

Nordmark, Desiree - Senior Research Engineer

Organization: Waste Science and Technology, Geosciences and Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
Phone: +46 (0)920 491754
Room: F664m - Luleå»