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About climate change, environmental impact from industries and the spread of pollutants.

"Here we want to show everyday life to us teachers, students and researchers who work with the environment and water within the subject applied geochemistry. There will be contributions from field exercises, study visits and lab exercises at Luleå University of Technology, but also with research results, says Lina Hällström, researcher and teacher at the Master Programme in Natural Resources Engineering.

Environment and Water - A specialization within the Master of Natural Resources Engineering and The Master Programme in Exploration and Environmental Geosciences at Luleå University of Technology

Lina Hällström

Lina Hällström, Associate Senior Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 493543
Organisation: Applied Geochemistry, Geosciences and Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
Anna Virolainen - Master Programme in Exploration and Environmental Geosciences
International cooperation with Polytechnique Montréal

In an international collaboration between the Division of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering at Luleå University of Technology and the Polytechnique Montreal / Reaserch Institute for Mines and Environments (RIME) studies are carried out on innovative coatings for mining waste.

From to Botswana's diamond mines to Råneå River Photo: Richard Renberg
From to Botswana's diamond mines to the cold north

Mpho Ndebele was awarded a scholarship by the Swedish institute to pursue his master’s program in Sweden. This initiative gives students from across the world a golden opportunity to further their studies and develop into future global researchers who can come up with innovations and also solve problems. Furthermore, it offers students the platform for cultural exchange and the opportunity to interact with the Swedish society.

Awarded student in ore geology

This year's scholarship from Janne Kempe Foundation for the best MSc thesis in economic geology went to Réginald Fettweis from the Master Programme in Exploration and Environmental Geosciences with the MSc thesis titled "Geology of the Fäbodliden C lode gold deposit in northern Sweden."

Exploration and Environmental Geosciences - Tsegaye Berhane Abay - SI Scholarship Photo: Richard Renberg
Scholarship opened new opportunities

Thanks to a grant from the Swedish Institute - SI - Tsegaye Berhane Abay from Ethiopia can study geociences at Luleå University of Technology.