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Luleå´s southern port with the renovated building crane - one of Luleå´s landmarks View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Rethinking Winter City

Published: 24 March 2014

A group of students in Architecture at Luleå University of Technology was commissioned to study and analyse six different locations in Lulea and then come up with suggestions for improvements. It was an interesting morning with presentations outdoors at each site.

- But that harbor crane's is a terrible landmark, said Susie Sudderth from Alaska, United States. It signals industrial area, something that you as a tourist directly sort out!

LTU Pressfoto -
Here, some simple ramps could the ice more accessible for those who wish to take a shorter ispromenad, said Susie Sudderth.

Susie Sudderth had studied Luleå's southern port and could for example say that people have to get to places where you can easily get to the ice roads. She had in her study interviewed residents in the area around the southern port but also talked with passersby and employees in the area. Getting out to the ice road, which runs just outside the harbor, now require a walk of hundreds of meters if you do not want to jump or climb from the concrete deck.

- A pier had been nice, it's very common where I come fram said Susie Sudderth.

This project course is part of the Master program planning and construction of demanding climate and the students had in their task also requirement to take specific account of the changing seasons and to find energy-efficient solutions in their proposals. The different sites studied are all chosen from the Airport bus route through the city and represent different types of terrain, human activity and the built environment.

- From a built environment concerns, this course assignment provides an opportunity for the students to explore innovative methods for understanding how a city with its built form compositions can promote human activities under various climatic conditions. says Ram Pasupuleti, Senior Lecturer and Head of the course.

LTU Pressfoto -
Victoria Bengston shows her proposals and plans for how Kallax Airport could look like in the future

Besides the southern port the following locations were part of the assignment: Kallax Airport, The Manda School on Bergnäset, Norrbotten´s Museum and its park, The Coop Arena and The Campus at Luleå University.

Victoria Bengtsson had studied the Kallax Airport and The Manda School and in her proposals included both new routes for snowmobiles and new ice roads.

To summarize the student’s outcome, their ideas have opened up issues of connectivity, safety, adaptability in winter cities.

Below you can find a link to all presentations with accompanying sketches and more photos.


More images and all project presentations