Climate Sensitive Urban Planning and Building
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Master Programme in Climate Sensitive Urban Planning and Building

120 Credits, Programme, master's level
Seasonal variations and climate change put increasing demands on planning and design of built environments and buildings. Precipitation, sun, wind, darkness, light, temp are important climatic elements which need to be carefully considered when creating environments that stimulate outdoor living.
Professionals in urban planning and design often lack knowledge how to shape urban environments and buildings for climatic conditions. The 2-year programme leads to a M.Sc. Degree in Architectural Engineering, specialising in Climate Sensitive Urban Planning and Building. It offers: overall knowledge of global climate, practical knowledge of regional and local climate in landscape and built-up areas; urban planning/design and building design in cold climates; how planning and building can decrease climatic strains; the design of living areas that consider climatic conditions for all seasons.

Labour market

The knowledge offered by the master programme is requested from various fields: national and regional agencies, local authorities, consultancies, etc. both nationally and internationally. As this knowledge is applicable in urban planning for both cold and warm climates, the entire world can be your working place.

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The programme syllabus includes a description of the programme structure and its courses. The study schedule shows shows the order in which the courses in the programme are carried out. The qualification descriptor includes local and central requirements that must be met for a particular degree.

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