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Photo: Annelie Klint Nilsson, IRF.
The recipients of Bengt Hultqvist Stipendium 2019, space students Nikolaus Huber and Jennifer Edman, next to Gurli Hultqvist and Victoria Barabash, head of Division of SPace Technology at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Annelie Klint Nilsson, IRF. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Awarded students at Space Campus

Published: 1 April 2019

Jennifer Edman, student at the Master Programme in Space Engineering, and Nikolaus Huber, student at the Master Programme in Spacecraft Design, are awarded the Bengt Hultqvist stipendium 2019 from Kiruna Rotary Club.

The aim of the scholarship is to reward students from Luleå University of Technolgy for successful academic studies and valuable contributions to the space educational activities on Space Campus in Kiruna.

– It was very unexpected and I feel honored, since it shows that the people around you recognize the time and energy that you put into your studies. It is also a great motivation to continue my journey within space research, says Nikolaus Huber.

– I have always strived to learn more and have spent a lot of time studying, so it is very fun and a great honor to receive Bengt Hultqvist's scholarship for "excellent study results", says Jennifer Edman who is currently finishing her thesis project by studying cirrus clouds using lidar data from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics.

Interested in space

Both Nikolaus Huber and Jennifer Edman have a great fascination for space. Nikolaus Huber comes from an engineering background but chose Kiruna and space for his Master.

– After my bachelor, I wanted to start something completely different and Kiruna seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. I think we live in an exciting time to become space engineers, since our technological advances in recent years will for sure change the way we explore our universe, says Nikolaus Huber. 

– I have had a great time studying here, and the knowledge and friendships will stay with me for my entire future career.

Jennifer Edman’s space interest started early and when she discovered that there was a Master Programme in Space Engineering, the choice was obvious. 

– I then chose the specialization of Space and Atmospheric Physics, because I am particularly interested in weather and climate, says Jennifer Edman.

– It is motivating to receive this scholarship, since my plan for the future is to doctorate and contribute to space research.