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Maria del Carmen, Islas

Publicerad: 24 maj 2019

Round 1

After SpaceMaster: Young Development Engineer at EADS Space Transportation (Friedrichshafen, Germany - 2010)

Background: Mechatronic Engineer

I joined the SpaceMaster course right after finishing my studies in Mexico. It was a dream that became true, the opportunity to study engineering related to space. In a few words: I learnt how to apply my previous studies into the many different areas of the space industry. It was truly interesting. I started my second year in Toulouse, and did my thesis at CESR (Centre d'Etude Spatiale de Rayonnements), the institute from Paul Sabatier University, where I developed a user interface for a system which is used to calibrate space instruments.

I did not only successfully complete my professional career but also I learnt valuable lessons for my life: living in different countries, learning from different cultures, improving my languages skills, team work, getting to know interesting people, etc.
After the thesis, I joined EADS Space Transportation as an intern, then as a trainee, and finally as a "young" engineer. I am working in tests campaigns for the experiments of the Materials Science Laboratory, a payload on board the International Space Station. It was launched last year in Shuttle Mission STS-128.