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Anirudh Mukund Saraf

Published: 17 May 2019

Round 12

Anirudh Mukund Saraf

SpaceMaster has been an enriching experience, personally and professionally. My motivation to pursue this programme resonates my passion for developing systems for space exploration. SpaceMaster has fuelled my journey to explore this passion and has been a perfect bridge between my bachelors in mechanical engineering and the exciting field of space science and technology.

During the programme, I lived in three countries: Germany, Sweden, and Denmark where I got an opportunity to explore the lengths and breadths of this fascinating field, from rocket propulsion and space instruments to market disrupting nanosatellites. Over and above that, I had an invaluable experience of learning about new cultures, languages and making friends from all over the world. Moving from tropical temperatures of 37 degrees in India to minus 27 in the winter wonderland of Kiruna was no doubt a challenge, but it was worth every degree.

Space industry in Europe has a very international setting and SpaceMaster has prepared me to perform well in it. Over the course of two years, the programme involved activities in which one had to work efficiently, both individually and in a team, which is a skill particularly useful in a space-related job. In our first semester, we were introduced the space systems by experts from the industry. This helped me to get a system level knowledge of each subsystem and more importantly helped me a choose a subsystem to specialize in. In the summer after my second semester, I interned with DLR's Rocket Propulsion department, where I worked on the design of turbopumps. Further, in my final semester, I completed my master thesis with GomSpace working on the thermal design optimization of nanosatellites after which I joined the same company as a thermal engineer. Now I work on the thermal design and analysis of nanosatellites by simulating orbit scenarios and predicting temperatures of components of the satellite.

In all, I believe that SpaceMaster has played a pivotal role in helping me to develop my personal and professional skills and the two years I have spent during this course have been among the best in my life. I am very glad that I decided to take up the SpaceMaster programme and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow spacemasters and the wonderful SpaceMaster staff for making it a splendid experience!