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Atakan Sirin

Publicerad: 17 maj 2019

Round 9

Atakan Sirin

SpaceMaster has been a unique experience for me which led me to new opportunities in space business. As I had a background in electronics engineering, the broad spectrum of lectures in the first year were especially useful to get familiar with fundamentals of space science and technology.

Later in the third semester, I chose to stay in Kiruna as it is a very active university in student projects such as the REXUS/BEXUS program. The support and resources available from LTU was very encouraging for students to pursue their own projects and ideas. Kiruna is also a unique place with proximity and connections to scientific institutes such as IRF and EISCAT as well as the rocket launch facility ESRANGE. These connections led me to pursue my masters thesis at IRF where I got hired after graduation. As of 2019, I am working at IRF as an engineer on a scientific instrument which will go on-board the European Space Agency's Jupiter (JUICE) mission.

I believe the strength of the program comes from the multidisciplinary and international aspect, during the projects within the courses throughout the program, we always had to work as a team with people from different backgrounds with different nationalities. I have no doubt that these experiences have been an extremely valuable asset for my work skills.