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Fernando J. Capalbo, MSc.

Published: 17 May 2019

Round 4

Fernando J. Capalbo, MSc.

I was born and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the end of high school I started to wonder what I really wanted to do and lots of questions came to my mind. I then decided to study nature and try to find answers to some of those questions. Among the ways humankind has for this I chose science, particularly physics. At the end of my physics degree I started to get more and more interested in space.

After graduating I worked in the Argentinean Space Agency, where I was intern before. I was also a teacher at the University of Buenos Aires. I planned to pursue further education in Europe, and looked for PhD and MSc. opportunities in the space science field, with a practical approach. I was accepted for the Erasmus Mundus SpaceMaster course and scholarship. This opened me the door to get in touch with high quality European researchers and industry professionals in the Space science and technology field. But SpaceMaster also provided the opportunity for traveling around Europe, experiencing life in different countries and, most important, meeting people from different places and cultures and to share unforgettable experiences. I had classmates from all over the world I will always remember, and the opportunity to find friends among them. Nowadays I am doing a PhD in atmospheric physics, analyzing Titan's atmosphere, a position I find very interesting and enjoyable.

Although there are still things to improve in the program, SpaceMaster provided me with knowledge, work experience, a European space science and technology panorama and a useful contact network. I also experienced a multicultural environment from which I learned and which gave me a new view of the world and people in it. I am very glad I had the opportunity of going through this wonderful academic and life experience.