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Jean-Dominique Coste
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Jean-Dominique Coste

Publicerad: 24 maj 2019

Round 2

After SpaceMaster: Columbus Payload Integration Engineer at Astrium Space Transportation (2010)

I am now starting a career within the Human Spaceflight program, working on integration and project coordination of payloads for Europe’s main space outpost: the Columbus laboratory onboard the International Space Station. This work involves interaction with international project teams, astronauts, ESA and NASA. It blends engineering, science and management aspects in a multicultural context: exactly what SpaceMaster prepares for.

I entered SpaceMaster with a BSc. in Applied Physics, which portrayed me as a “scientist” in the group. I have been very interested in the integrated science/engineering approach developed in the program, particularly in Kiruna where I spent my second year. I choosed a combined track, and obtained a deep understanding in “what do we look for in space and why”, and “how do we do it”. It is indeed crucial for a scientist to know what are the engineer’s capabilities and expectations, and vice-versa. This has been a focal point in the teaching and is one of the reasons that make this program unique. The fascinating and challenging student team projects also gave me precious hints in international project management – along with dedicated lectures in Kiruna.

I entered the space professional world at ESA for my master thesis, and from now on at Astrium. I can say without a doubt that SpaceMaster prepares students best for this business, as it is tailored to its particular needs: global understanding of the various fields, of the interaction between the different players involved, specialization in one area, and smooth handling of international cooperation.

Last but not least, SpaceMaster is a life-changing, mind-opening experience on a personal point of view. It gathers brilliant, passionate and like-minded young individuals that maintain a stimulating and truly enjoyable atmosphere not only for the 2-year course but long after graduation days are gone. Seriously…Join us !