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Johan Blomqvist

Publicerad: 24 maj 2019

Round 3

After SpaceMaster: Columbus Flight Controller at CAM-Systems (2010)
I joined one of LTU’s 4½ year engineering program in 2004. Since I was a student at the coordinating university of SpaceMaster, it made me hear a lot about what that program could offer. Therefore, I decided to join the third round in 2007. It turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

Through SpaceMaster I’ve gone to Germany, UK (second year), and USA (thesis) for space related studies. I have gotten to know students from all over the world (the master class contained more than 20 nationalities) and I’ve increased my professional and personal network orders of magnitude more than I would have, if staying at one university throughout my studies. I am positive this experience helped me to land my current job at the Columbus Control Centre (COL-CC) in Germany; a truly international environment. In the control room there are rarely two people of the same nationality and on “the loop” (the radio communication medium used in the ISS program) you find even more nationals.

I’m the Data Management Engineer & Communication Officer. The job offers extensive training in various locations such as the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne and NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. On average, completing the entire certification takes 9-12 months; where some of the payload training provided to the flight controllers is the same as the astronauts’. Even when certified, the training doesn’t stop. Learning about more systems and taking on more responsibility is always on the agenda.

Through SpaceMaster, I gained the knowledge of space technology and the international experience, which without question opened up the door to be a part of Human Space Flight. The past two years has been challenging, with late evenings buried in books and assignments. However, looking back, it was a joy and I would do it all again. Because of this, I have one piece of advice if you are considering joining SpaceMaster; as we say on the loop: “Go ahead!”