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Martin Rudolph
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Martin Rudolph

Published: 24 May 2019

Round 3

The two years in the SpaceMaster program have been an enriching experience in every aspect. It not only provided me with a broad knowledge on physics, engineering and management relevant to space technology, but it also provided a stimulating environment for compelling and fruitful discussions with fellow students from various professional and cultural backgrounds. This unique combination prepared me well for a career in applied space research, where international and multidisciplinary cooperation is the order of the day.

The SpaceMaster staff was always supportive when planning our own ideas and extracurricular activities. This gave me the possibility to intern at Cosine in the Netherlands and to carry out my Master’s thesis at ONERA in Toulouse. Last but not least, we ran Stratospheric Census, a high-altitude balloon experiment that successfully proved a novel concept for dust research in the stratosphere.
After two inspiring years of SpaceMaster, I now work for Fraunhofer EMI in Germany on innovative solutions to enhance survivability of spacecraft in an increasingly hostile space debris environment.