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Martin Siegl

Published: 17 May 2019

Round 3

Martin Siegl

After graduation from Round 3 of SpaceMaster, I first spent a year as a Young Graduate Trainee at ESA before starting as a project manager at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Space Systems in Bremen. Through SpaceMaster, I had already come in contact with Esrange in Kiruna and had worked with stratospheric balloon and sounding rocket experiments. These types of instruments and missions were amongst my first project responsibilities at DLR. Rocket launches at Esrange therefore made me return to Kiruna many times even after completing SpaceMaster.

Currently I am a project manager in Space Systems Engineering at TNO in Delft, The Netherlands. The majority of my projects is in optical Earth observation instrumentation, and laser satellite communication. It is very rewarding to be able to contribute to cutting-edge optical space instruments that address current societal questions with their measurements, such as greenhouse gas emissions or air pollution around the globe. With laser satellite communication, the question of how to transmit the ever-increasing amount of satellite data will hopefully be solved.

SpaceMaster had given me an inspiring and solid foundation as a start into the space business, by conveying a broad view of all matters and aspects of space. A very important part of the SpaceMaster experience was the international and multi-cultural outlook of the programme and of fellow students, and the doors SpaceMaster had opened through project work and the Master's thesis. SpaceMaster and the time in Kiruna are therefore something that I look back on with a lot of positive feelings and happiness!