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Shehna Sagaria

Published: 17 May 2019

Round 12

Shehna Sagaria


  • 4 months at Center Spatial Universitaire de Montpellier, Montpellier, France
  • 6 months at DLR (German Aerospace Agency), Bremen, Germany (Master Thesis)

After SpaceMaster:

Thermal Engineer at Space Structures GmBH, Berlin, Germany Spacemaster was an incredible experience, more of an opportunity to grow and learn and to understand the vast group of people in aerospace.

The mix of people from 12+ countries under a single roof, trying to put together a working pico satellite during the first semester was not just a learning experience, but more of a cultural outlook into what to expect in an international work environment. Also, the mix of engineers from different fields helped me to understand the importance of each subsystem that goes into a space system, and also to realize the interconnections between them.

Intellectually and socially, the semester in the bone wrecking cold of Kiruna helped to convert our group of friends to a family, depending on each other and to enjoy what was available. I completed this course in 5 different cities, out of which my semesters were in Wûrzburg, Kiruna and Toulouse and internships in Montpellier and Bremen. The opportunity and exposure these experiences gave me were incredible, helped me to understand the nuances of what goes into making a space project successful. In short, SpaceMaster changed my outlook, gave me great friends and helped me to grow into a better individual, and mostly into a better engineer.