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Thomas Alsmarker
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"Significantly more engineers will be needed"

Published: 14 December 2021

Thomas Alsmarker, who is head of innovation and research on Swedish wood, talks about the future in industries and what opportunities await.

What challenges does the wood industry face and what specialist skills do you see a need for, if you will

One of the most exciting and challenging tasks facing the wood industry is to move from "mass production" to "mass customization" like any other industry! How to meet increasing demands for flexibility with the demands for increasing standardization through, for example, modulation and automation. And this is at least as much about process as it is about technology. LTU has long had the industrial process as its DNA.

Why should you study in this particular area?

What will also be needed so much more in the future are people who see wholeness and not just partiality. “It's all about integration”! There will be a need for significantly more engineers who address the challenges and needs of society, which are based on the right "P"! Not based on the Production Apparatus but on the Place where people should live their lives! A much bigger outside and inside perspective will be needed!

An exciting change is taking place in society, which opportunities this creates for specialists in t

And perhaps above all; wood is the only renewable material that can contribute more than other materials to a climate-neutral construction sector! Of course, the most sustainable thing is not to build at all! The most innovative thing is to ensure that what we build does not consume the earth's resources, that we can meet today's needs without jeopardizing the opportunities of future generations.