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Djordje Popovic studies a Master in Wood Technology at LTU in Skellefteå

Meet Djordje from Serbia

Published: 4 March 2013

Djordje Popovic studies a Master in Wood Technology at LTU in Skellefteå.

What made you come to Sweden and Skellefteå for your Master?

– I have few friends who went to Sweden in the past few years, either to study or to work. So that is how I heard of Sweden´s higher education and about Sweden in general. They all had pretty much the same, highly positive, opinions upon different aspects related to educational and social system. So I was encouraged to start digging out information about available master programs in Sweden. The Master in Wood Technology was my first choice, so I applied for it at Seven months later I moved to Skellefteå.         

Why did you choose a Master in Wood Technology?

– Initially my idea was to get a master degree somewhere abroad after completion of my bachelor studies in Serbia. The bachelor programme I have finished is called wood processing and it is one of four departments at the Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade State University. The LTU Master in Wood Technology was sort of a logical solution to me, for a place where I wanted to expand my knowledge and to pursue further education.

What is your impression of Sweden?

– Unfortunately I did not get to see much of Sweden yet and I am really looking forward to travel across this beautiful country as soon as opportunity strikes. I could tell more about Skellefteå. So, even though it is much smaller than Belgrade which I am accustomed to, I find this city really nice. It is a quiet place so I am much more focused on work. Comfort within the university campus is amazing so I usually stay there as long as ten hours.

– Beautiful nature is close by and there are possibilities for a lot of outdoor activities throughout the year. My impression of Swedish people is that they are kind and all willing to help in any kind of situation. Also, they are very skilled in English. So far I met many people not only from Sweden but from other countries as well, which is also very nice since you get to learn about different cultures.

What do you do on your spare time?

– Usually, after I finish with daily activities related to my studies, I meet other students in Campushallen where we play basketball. There is also a gym below so I get to work out there as well. Part of one of the buildings within the Campus, called Stock, is a music studio for rehearsals. Since there are a few other musicians among professors and PhD-students at Wood Technology department, we often get together to jam in the studio.   

What do you like to work with in the future?

– At the moment I am in a second semester of this master program so I am quite open minded for future work possibilities. Well, as long as those are related to my studies. Would it be the industry or research area, Sweden, Serbia or any other country, it is early to predict. I have chosen “Wood products engineering” research area to focus on and the primary goal is, of course, to collect as much knowledge as possible.   

Do you have any advice for someone that considers moving to Sweden and studying a Master in Wood Technology?

– For all of those who find wood, as a material, interesting and would like to learn a lot about all of its properties, processing, applications, as well as about management and development in Swedish wood processing industry, LTU Master in Wood Technology is a perfect choice. Since students come mainly from abroad, courses are 100% taught in English. Also it is not expected from fresh students to have a proficiency level in English. Thus one should not base a decision whether to come or not upon such criteria but rather to see it like an opportunity to improve language skills.