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Compulsory courses
Master Programme in Maintenance Engineering

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Programme content and structure

For a Master's degree with a major in Maintenance Engineering a total of 120 credits in accordance to curriculum of the programme are required. A minimum of 90 credits at advanced level, including the degree project in the subject of Maintenance Engineering, is required.

The first study period addresses the scientific bases of Maintenance Engineering. The first year also includes advanced maintenance techniques and methods such as Internet of Things, Condition monitoring, Reliability Engineering, Operation research and eMaintenance. The second year includes advanced studies of Condition-based Maintenance and a project course where students carry out specialised studies in maintenance optimization. The program concludes with a degree project within the main field of study.

Swedish for beginners is offered for overseas students. The course is not included in the degree, and is read in addition to the obligatory courses. 


The programme consists of 120 Credits


Entry requirements

Bachelor degree of at least 180 ECTS or equivalent, which includes courses of at least 60 ECTS in one of the following areas: Maintenance Engineering, Energy Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Civil Engineering or equivalent, and a minimum of 15 ECTS in mathematics.

Good knowledge in English, equivalent to English 6

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The selection procedure is based on academic qualifications, quality and quantity aspects

Compulsory courses

Compulsory courses: 97.5 Credits

Code Course Cr Level Comment
D0001B Applied Operations Research 7,5 First level
D0020B Internet of Things and Signal Analysis for Condition Monitoring 7,5 First level
D7007B Maintenance Engineering 7,5 Second level
D7008B Condition Monitoring and Condition Based Maintenance 7,5 Second level
D7012B Advanced Reliability Engineering 7,5 Second level
D7013B Human Factors in Maintenance 7,5 Second level
D7015B Industrial AI and eMaintenance - Part I: Theories & Concepts 7,5 Second level
D7016B Industrial AI and eMaintenance - Part II: Practical Implementation 7,5 Second level
L7001A Experimental Acoustics and Dynamics 7,5 Second level
X7013B Degree Project in Maintenance Engineering, master 30,0 Second level

: 22.5 Credits

Optional space is 22.5 credits. It is mandatory to select elective courses up to the given number of credits. The given number of credits of elective courses listed must be met for degree.

Code Course Cr Level Comment
D7001B Mine Automation 7,5 Second level Selectable
E7012E Mechatronics 7,5 Second level Selectable
F0040T Sustainable Energy systems 7,5 First level Selectable
F7011T Energy Plant and Systems Engineering 7,5 Second level Selectable
M7010T Dynamics in mechanical systems 7,5 Second level Selectable
M7012T Fracture mechanics and fatigue 7,5 Second level Selectable
R7003E Automatic Control 7,5 Second level Selectable
R7008E Industrial automation 7,5 Second level Selectable
S7001E Stochastic signals 7,5 Second level Selectable
T7001T Deformation and Fracture 7,5 Second level Selectable
T7016T Material mechanics 7,5 Second level Selectable

Course offered outside the obligatory courses - not compulsory - For non Scandinavian students

Code Course Cr Level Comment
S0046P Swedish for International Students 1 3,0 First level Selectable