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Helena Klasson, Fire Protection Engineer at the County Council

Name: Jon Moln Teike
Lives: Luleå
Education: Fire Protection Engineering, Postgraduate course in emergency services for fire protection (RUB)
Job: Fire Protection Engineer at the Norrbotten County Council

What was it like studying at Luleå University of Technology?

When I think of my time when I was a student at LTU makes me smile - everything was new and exciting! I started out on fire protection program since it started in 2006, which led to some "teething problems" existed. Overall I am very pleased with the education that contain varying courses. During the study period, it was sometimes difficult to understand what all knowledge would be used to, for example, to count in 4th Dimension.

When I started in professional life, I realized that it is more about getting a good base to start from and to learn to discern what is relevant. For me, who is originally from Lulea so it was interesting to experience a different part of town where LTU somehow live their own lives with a particular pulse.

LTU Press photo - Helena Klasson, NLL -
Helena Klasson in her office at NLL

Do you have a job you enjoy?

Absolutely - my work is very diverse where I have a great opportunity to plan my days. I work with fire safety in over 600 000 sq fastighetsyta throughout the county of Norrbotten. Many people think that I work exclusively with healthcare buildings but my work covers all types of activities that everyone should an adequate fire safety. Some examples of activities are natural resource schools, offices, museum, hotel, dental care, medical centers, psychiatric institutions, and above all complex hospital.

I travel a lot within the county, but also nationally. My main job is to be an expert on building fire protection for conversions and new construction as well as in the management stage. I represent the County Council's expert in the law on protection against accidents, law on flammable and explosive and Building Regulations (Section 5). I interact a lot internally in the county but also externally with the county's emergency services, fire consultants, construction companies, etc.

Part of my job that I find particularly amusing is business intelligence to monitor trends and developments within the fire area. Personally, I like to work with development and does not hesitate to try new approaches and practices. Previously, I worked at Rescue Service South, primarily in Malmö and Lund where I started to build up my skills and had a few precious years that I had not wanted to be without to cope with my current job.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Do not hesitate to start studying at a Fire program! The education is broader than many people think and all industries covered by the laws for fire protection. You will not regret it and have a broad labor ahead. Have fun while studying but focus on training to become a qualified fire protection engineer.