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"Oil companies also need fire engineers"

Published: 6 August 2018

Name: Jens Andersson
Programme: Fire Protection Engineer
Work at: OKQ8 Scandinavia

What is Your job?

As a fire engineer in OKQ8 Scandinavia, I have the mission to ensure that the company works on a safe basis that establishes trust among staff and customers. This by being expert and orienting the company among all laws and regulations that govern fire safety. Every day we import, transport and sell large volumes of flammable goods, which places great demands on us as companies regarding risk management and government contacts. My assignment includes all our depots and stations in Sweden and Denmark, and in this way the work is very varied. With my office in Malmö, the headquarters in Stockholm and stations in almost all the municipalities in Sweden and Denmark, it means a lot of traveling in my service.

How did you experience the studying at LTU?

The study time at Luleå University of Technology was very calm, but with elements of challenges. I chose to move throughout Sweden from Ystad in southern Sweden to Skåne to Luleå in Norrbotten and I regret it at all. I enjoyed studying in two-course reading periods and then checking them out. Tents are what they are with the anxiety they bring, but the sense of freedom that arises after the exams are completed is wonderful.

What I liked with Luleå was that there was actually snow in the winters, which was always a major shortage in my homesteads. Sure it was cold, but it was learned to handle. The snow made it possible to combine the studies with skiing and cross-country skating.

If you would advise students who are studying today - what would it be?

Get the most of your study time by not spending any time on your studies. Luleå, Norrbotten and Norrland have a lot to offer. Be active in the fire engineers association BRINN, who work for you as a student to get the most out of your study time. If you're unsure whether to read RUB, my tip is to do it. You get a fun and interesting education where you strengthen your leadership skills, which is also of great benefit to you who will work as a consultant in the future.