LTU student John Joel Sandstrom took three M.Sc.

LTU - student took three M.Sc.

John Joel Sandstrom, LTU student at the international MSc program EEIGM specializing in materials engineering, received in November a Triple Diploma in M.Sc.That means he now has Swedish, German and French engineering degree.

Studying abroad was a dream John Joel Sandstrom had early and when he was in military service, as he sat and looked through the course catalog, he found the  EEIGM at Luleå University of Technology. It appeared to him in taste. Of the 60 students who, after five years of study received the diploma in Nancy, France, only three students received triple diploma. John Joel Sandstrom, 25 years old, at LTU was one of them.

- To receive the diploma was one of the biggest events in my life, because I have been tearing so hard for it. Reading in other countries and in other types of educational systems is easier said than done. One must often bite the bullet and just run in and move towards the target, the three civil engineering diploma.

Michel Gantois who founded EEIGM in France 20 years ago, handing out the diplomas to John Joel Sandstrom.

The combination of technology, language, and several years of study abroad in EEIGM on LTU is unique to Sweden. The education is for five years, after that the students are able to have a French and Swedish engineering degree. Furthermore, they can supplement with studies in Germany or Spain. It was such a variant John Joel Sandstrom chose. During his education in engineering, he has placed 2.5 years of his studies abroad.

- I have always found it easy to learn foreign languages, but for that matter, I will not say that it is simple. It is tough to study in foreign languages ​​and teaching in France and Germany are on country language. You must not give way to difficulties without overpowering them, he says.

- The first two years of EEIGM I read in Luleå, then 1.5 years in France and a year in Germany, he says.

Now looms a different type of challenge and adventure for John Joel Sandstrom, namely Australia. There, he will be in just over two months and the plan is to cross the continent with the two long railway lines, one from the Indian Ocean in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east with The Indian Pacific, and with The Ghan, which connects the continent from north to south .

Training for Master in International Engineering, EEIGM has been around for twenty years. Just this year celebrated the 20th anniversary of the diploma course. In addition to LTU, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine in Nancy, France, la Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, ​​Spain and die Universität des Saarlandes in Saarbrücken in Germany, Krakow in Poland and Valencia in Spain are within the cooperation.

Professor Birgitta Bergwall- Kåreborn was included as representative of the LTU in Nancy on 20-year anniversary and Diploma dividend on November 5. Invited as guest of honor was  Professor Torbjorn Hedberg, the director of LTU from 1979 to 1993.