Mat & Prat spring 2012

Here we go with the Food and Talk again! This spring, we have filled the schedule with interesting lectures from LTU's corridors and growing businesses in the region. Welcome to a meeting point between students, researchers and representatives from the business! We start by presenting the research which will attend the Spring Food and Prat evenings so that you can already book your March 1, 29 March, and May 10


iRoad (1 March 2012)

iRoad is a research collaboration between Luleå University of Technology (LTU), Geveko, Eistec and the Swedish National Road Administration (SRA). The project aims to develop technologies for intelligent roads, which will lead to safer and more efficient use of the roads.

The main purpose is to make road markings intelligent by integrating sensors, memory, processors and communication in road markings. This will be an enabler of support systems and services for both users and developers away. Sound interesting? Visit Food & Talk March 1st!


Climate change and tourism in Antarctica (12 April)

- A research project on polar experiences

Tourism in Antarctica has exploded simultaneously as new research shows that the ice sheets melting increases and the wildlife in the Antarctic are affected by climate change and tourism.

A research project has been started at the university with international partners to study the tourists' experiences of Antarctica and if these experiences lead to greater environmental commitment and Ambassador Creator for climate change issues. How do affect and are affected by the Antarctic tourist? What is sustainable eco-tourism in Antarctica? Can touristic teaching developed to transform tourists to environmental ambassadors? These are some of the questions that the project is studying. Sound interesting? Visit Food & Talk March 29th!


Beautiful and exciting maths (10 May)

A lecture on the mysteries of mathematics with Professor Lars-Erik Persson. Sound interesting? Visit Food & Prat May 10!



What is the Food and Talk?

LTU Career invite you to food and serves at the same time a popular science lecture on something exciting from the university's corridors. Welcome to a meeting point between students, researchers and business representatives.

Time: 17:00 to 19:00
Location: LTU Career, C-house
(Note: New location, we are not in Waterfall Hall)

No registration is required and this event is free, but get there early limited seating!