Want to be a LTU Career Ambassadors?

We are looking for ambassadors who can help us to promote our activities to students.

Once a week we'll send out an email to our ambassadors with information about our upcoming activities. We want you as LTU Career Ambassadors spread this on to your friends and classmates. How do you spread this further is up to each one, but talk to your friends and classmates, and link from your facebook to LTU Career page when you think that any arrangement seems interesting. Occasionally, we may need help with posters and exhibit should talk, we will then send out a general question about this to all our ambassadors. Do you think this sounds interesting?

To thank you for helping us with an important part of our business, we will invite all our ambassadors for lunch 1-2 times per semester to evaluate the cooperation between LTU Career and our ambassadors, to get to know each other better and give you a chance to network among themselves. Occasionally we will also have an interesting speaker during these lunches. You will also have priority to register for many of our events at LTU Career. You will also be the first to hear about all our activities!

To learn more or sign up to become one of our important LTU Career Ambassadors, please contact us at karriarcentrum@ltu.se or call us on 0920-49 17 46th