After School
The students own pub on campus is a popular meeting place in the evenings and weekends.

After school - when the teachers has gone home

The Student life is non-stop. After the lectures many students meet in the student pub. Weekend club nights closes 03:00 and then continues well into the wee hours over at the student housing.

The student life is organized by our active sections, associations and student organizations. At LTU engineers and nurses party together. With 44 percent girls and 56 percent boys, we are one of the universities that have the most even gender balance in the country.

Get to know other students, make contacts, there is something to suit everyone, regardless of education and interest.

The student start is fun

For two weeks, you'll get quickly into the intense student life. You'll meet new friends - and then just keep going. If you'll find it confusing to find all the houseparties, to understand "capsregler" or tracksuit colors our older students will guide you.

The nightlife in Luleå

If you want to try something new, Luleå also offers a rich nightlife with sports bars, night clubs and English pubs.

Whatever you choose to do, we are sure that you will find lifelong friends in Luleå.

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